Take a leap forward in customer experience and get closer to your audience with The Retail AppShop

Retail AppShop gives retailers the chance to place their products in consumers’ pockets through their smart phones by allowing retailers to have their own native app downloadable from Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It can be built independently and run outside of existing webshops, online tools and backend systems and simply connect to a retailer’s product and other databases.

Combining bricks and mortar with eCommerce

– Opportunity to evaluate transactions and customer behaviour from pre-purchase to post-delivery and streamline/optimise activities based on this data
– Online sales drive significant in-store traffic –not a threat to bricks and mortar
– Allows retailers to have in-depth knowledge of their customers compared to anonymous store visitors
– Allows retailers to run campaigns to their own customers, but also all customers within one or more shopping malls
– Allows cross-sales between retailers