We exist to partner with intrepid business people to build successful and history making companies that traverse industries and the globe, partnering with them from concept to success.

The GW is a next generation technology company that acts like a Venture Capital organisation, by finding opportunities within industries by thinking differently and breaking the traditional inefficient siloed structures. We find partners, showcase the way the future could look, deep dive into the industry and create something innovative and future oriented.

We invest our technology and business thinking. We bring our core product, the GW core platform and develop a stakeholder engagement strategy and develop the tools, functionality and features to maximise this engagement. We nurture the creativity, innovation and expertise with our vertical partners to position ourselves as a unique forward-focused entity to an existing industry.

The GW core is a centrally managed eCommerce platform, deployed across multiple vertical markets leveraging stakeholder engagement, applying a value chain inclusive strategy and allowing the creation and/or connection of reseller networks, allowing them to sell without the need to buy.

Our Mission

Is to be a leader in shaping the future, by laying robust foundations of companies that matter, that make a difference and make history.

Our Vision

Is to be an amalgamation of a technology company and a Venture Capital firm, accelerating innovation, creativity and success through investing eCommerce expertise and technology.